DL PIANO is a multifunctional business, service and shopping centre located in Katowice. The building, meeting the standards of A+ class office buildings, has been designed and constructed in line with the idea of well building to give the tenants the opportunity to organise their working time and private life in a convenient way.

The facility is located in a highly urbanised part of the city, in Katowice-Bogucice district, between Wrocławska street and the key thoroughfare – Roździeńskiego avenue. The property is surrounded by residential, commercial and service buildings. The facility is located in the impact zone of the most recognisable objects of the voivodeship, that is Sports and Entertainment Hall “Spodek”, NOSPR concert hall and the International Congress Centre.


  • over 17,000 m2 of usable area,
  • high standard of A+ class facility built in line with the guidelines of BREEAM certification,
  • energy-saving, ecological solutions,
  • possibility of individual arrangement of rented space,
  • innovative facility management system,
  • possible expansion by additional 15,000 m2 of rented space,
  • extensive associated infrastructure consisting of commercial outlets, restaurants, canteen, gym or private kindergarten,
  • independent three communication routes,
  • 400 parking spaces, electric car charging station,
  • parking spaces for bicycles and facilities for cyclists,
  • strong exhibition from the level of Roździeńskiego avenue (DK86),
  • excellent connection to the centre of Katowice (2 min away from the city centre) and neighbouring cities through the extensive public transport network




Telefon: +48 32 253 00 95
E-mail: biuro@dlinvest.pl