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Functional shopping mall

Zawiercie has is an attractive spot for entrepreneurs – land earmarked specifically for investors covers an area of almost 250 hectares and is located in the Economic Activity Zone. The town is the Zawiercie Industrial and Technological Park, which aims at stimulating and developing networking and cooperative relations between research and development institutions and entrepreneurs with the support of the local government.

DL Shopping Park Zawiercie has an attractive offer for residents to meet their needs. Among the tenants of the park are: CCC, Pepco, Dealz or RTV Euro AGD


A retail park located at 10 Leśna Street, 1.5 km from the city centre. In the immediate vicinity of the project there is the Town Hall and the Poviat Starosty. Right next to the there is a municipal transport hub servicing 10 out of 12 connections functioning in Knurów. Zawiercie is inhabited by 48,600 people. The town is located approximately 40 kilometres from Katowice, next to Myszków.

Size of retail park:

4,200 sqm


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