Naturally involved:

The DL Invest Group Foundation supports pro-ecological activities and the development of local communities in the areas where it conducts investments.

Rule 1

We conduct investments in a sustainable manner. Our priority is to preserve the environmental values ​​of the areas where the projects are implemented. We achieve this, among others, by planting additional trees and shrubs in a well-thought-out manner that goes far beyond the actions resulting from the provisions of law.

We run these projects in cooperation with residents and scientists who help us define the conditions and create truly unique habitats for animals and plants in the areas where we operate, which directly translates into creating additional value for local communities.

The primary goal is to protect the natural environment and preserve its values ​​for future generations.

Rule 2

We conduct campaigns to raise awareness and promote appropriate attitudes in the context of nature conservation and sustainable development. Such actions take the form of workshops and educational materials conducted and prepared in cooperation with recognized academic centers and selected public benefit institutions operating in the areas where we carry out investments.

Rule 3

We support local sports, educational and business initiatives implemented in the areas where we operate.

Rule 4

All our new projects are certified in the BREEAM ecological certification system and, where possible: financed with the use of instruments supporting the development of ecological investments.