Flexible office space


To meet the needs of the changing labor market and business environment, we present flexible office spaces: DL Space. They are located in several locations in Katowice, in buildings belonging to DL Invest Group.


So where did it come from?

The idea of coworking came to Poland from the West, and Brad Neuberg is considered to be the creator of this model; a programmer who suffered from loneliness while working in a start-up. The lack of opportunities for cooperation, conversation, sharing comments, exchanging observations, or even having a coffee break chat were the reasons why he sought an alternative to the traditional office.

What makes DL Space different from standard coworking space?

The hybrid nature of DL Space includes both space for joint creative work and for work in full concentration in private, very well finished offices. DL Space also provides access to a shared kitchenette and meeting rooms.

DL Space is not meters for rent, but a professional, fully developed cooperation with the tenant, designed with attention to every detail. Here is what you get:
  • a furnished office to suit your needs,
  • access to meeting and conference rooms,
  • access to a shared kitchenette,
  • a contract with flexible terms,
  • no utility or internet charges.

For large companies

Flexibility of lease terms has now become one of the most important expectations of office space tenants. Effective management is a constant search for the right way to adapt to changing market conditions. DL Space is a project tailored both to the needs of small businesses and the requirements of multinational corporations. DL Space means comfort, flexibility, cost optimization and the opportunity to expand as your business grows.


The facilities are equipped with an access control system and monitoring. Disinfection zones have been created at the entrances to maintain proper sanitary conditions.

Expert support

Thanks to its well-developed internal structures, DL Invest Group offers panel discussions led by specialists from the legal and accounting sector as well as representatives of the management boards of large corporations and industry associations.


Prestigious, convenient locations in Katowice.

Attractive surfaces

DL Space is a solution that aims to optimise the costs of space required for business development.

Business contacts

Within the DL Invest Group office campuses, both Polish brands and international corporations with a global reach have located their offices.


Rooms equipped with the necessary multimedia equipment enable effective communication, and the presence on DL Space of representatives of various industries and meetings organised by us enable the exchange of knowledge and mutual inspiration to create new business ventures.


DL Space Katowice is all about people. The community we create influences the way we operate. We know how important continuous development is and how many questions arise especially at the beginning of the career of every independent entrepreneur. That is why we create the possibility of substantive support from the best in their profession.
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