Between January and June 2020, DL Invest Group signed 32 lease agreements for a total of more than 11,500 sqm as part of its existing and expanding portfolio of office campuses operating under the DL Center Point brand. Lease agreements were concluded with iSTA Shared Services Polska, Travcorp Poland, Sandvik Polska, Asseco Business Solutions, Beumer Group Poland and Eniq sp. z o.o., among others. The volume of modern office space owned by DL Invest Group (nearly 49,000 sqm) will increase by 36,000 sqm over the next two years.

The portfolio of existing and completed office buildings of DL Invest Group consists of 5 assets with a total office space of nearly 49,000 sqm, located in Katowice, Gliwice and Częstochowa. DL Prime, the only modern office campus in Gliwice with an area exceeding 19,000 sqm, and DL Tower, an office building which will increase the volume of space offered by DL Invest Group in Katowice by nearly 17,000 sqm, are under development. The completion of the buildings is planned for Q3 2022 and Q4 2021 respectively. ?The volume of leased space in our office properties during the first half of the year was a significant result given that for the last four months of the first half of 2020, entire Poland was facing the uncertainty of the COVID-19 threat, and businesses, even the largest ones, moved from offices to employees’ homes,” says Dominik Leszczyński, CEO of DL Invest Group.

?The office buildings comprising the DL Invest Group’s portfolio are high quality projects tailored as much as possible to the needs of tenants and offering added value to local communities. Thanks to the Group’s extensive experience in the service and commercial real estate sector, we develop our office buildings in the mixed-use formula. In our office projects we put a strong emphasis on the comfort and convenience of the building users. We provide our clients with the opportunity to satisfy their everyday consumer needs and spend their free time, e.g. in the gym or in the designated recreation and leisure areas, all within a single centre. It is the extensive retail and F&B offer that builds the value of our projects, plus a friendly internal environment, as well as the comfort of work and life of the occupants. Owing to a carefully prepared leasing concept and a diverse and complementary offer, our buildings provide access to numerous shops, restaurants, service outlets, kindergartens or fitness clubs, allowing employees, their families and local communities to meet almost all their shopping needs in one place. The locations of our buildings, which are well connected by many means of transport, results in an easy access to offices, financial institutions or bus and train stations, which also helps to organise the day in a better way,? says Dominik Leszczyński.

?We want to collaborate with our tenants on a long-term basis, which is why we place great importance on the proactive management of the properties that remain in DL Invest Group’s portfolio over the entire lease period of our partners, which in turn is crucial for building business and employee structures under predictable and reliable conditions and on a long-term basis. The Group’s assumptions seem to have been correct, as evidenced by the level of space rented in our properties. In the entire portfolio of office, warehouse and retail properties, over 97% of the existing space has been leased,? Dominik Leszczyński emphasises. ?Flexibility and the ability to meet the expectations of our tenants is guaranteed by the Group’s structure, which enables us to prepare projects on our own, from the planning stage to implementation, leasing and management. The majority of the projects under development have the prospects for further expansion, which provides our tenants with an opportunity to expand and take up additional space in the same building as they develop their businesses, without the need for costly relocations, changing employee habits and, consequently, rebuilding the teams. If the need arises to lease additional space for a short period of time, tenants can take advantage of the offer of DL Space, our own brand that delivers high quality offices in the form of short-term and flexible closed-space rental,? adds Dominik Leszczyński.

The DL Invest Group’s portfolio of existing and commissioned office buildings consists of:

  • DL Center Katowice Mieleckiego,
  • DL Atrium Katowice Korfantego,
  • DL Piano Katowice Wrocławska,
  • DL Vintage Post Gliwice,
  • DL Jagiellońska 1 Częstochowa.

?Parallel to the ongoing management of these properties and the constant improvement of their quality and value, DL Invest Group does not forget that the key to survival in a volatile and exposed market is the continuous development and delivering of new modern assets,? says Dominik Leszczyński. DL Invest Group is currently developing two mixed-use projects in Silesia: DL Prime Gliwice with an area of 19,000 sqm, which is being constructed in Piwna Street, and DL Tower with the usable area of 17,000 sqm. ?Both locations are very well connected with the rest of the city and the main transport arteries. In addition to extensive retail and service functions, tenants will have a leisure and entertainment area at their disposal, according to the model already tested in existing projects,? concludes Dominik Leszczyński.

DL Prime Gliwice and DL Tower are being developed in accordance with the principles of sustainable building and will both be BREEAM-certified.