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Kępno is a town in Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. It is the seat of Kępno County and Kępno Municipality. The municipality of Kepno is inhabited by 23,381 residents. The development of Kepno is facilitated by its location at the intersection of two transit road arteries: Warsaw – Łódź – Wrocław (road no. 8) and Poznań – Katowice (road no. 11).
n DL Shopping Park Kępno customers will find, among others, the following shops: RTV Euro AGD, SAAS, Kwiaty Dekoracje Wąsala&Rabiega


DL Shopping Park Kępno is located in the immediate vicinity of the DK11, the road which provides easy access to the project from all parts of the city and neighbouring towns. A railway station is located 500 metres away and numerous smaller retail and service outlets and a Netto hypermarket are located in the neighbourhood.

Size of retail park: 

700 sqm (GLA)


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