Commercial real estate for rent

"Last mile" warehouses

The DL Invest Park SBU brand offers modern office, logistics and warehouse complexes developed within investment parks designed in the small-business-unit formula. 

Site characteristics

  • Warehouse space from 900 sqm with modern offices and technical and social facilities,
  • flexible arrangement: the space can be used for small warehouses as well as light production or offices,
  • modern spaces with a very high standard and functionalities tailored to the needs of tenants,
  • own car parks and well thought-out internal transport system,
  • excellent location near the largest, dynamically developing cities of the region and the most important international roads, most often in business and production districts,
  • very good visibility and accessibility,
  • prestigious location within one of the largest investment parks.


  • Complexes located directly on the main roads within the borders of the key cities of the region.
  • direct access to main roads, providing quick access to all major routes connecting the facility with cities in the region,
  • implemented on land owned by DL Invest Group,
  • the company also carries out projects based on customer demand: searches for well-communicated land, follows customer guidelines including the agreed budget and schedule, and then manages the facilities while remaining their owner – the company does not sell projects to other investors.

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