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Modern investment park

Zawada 79N, Dębica

DL Invest Park Dębica is a modern investment park located in Podkarpackie voivodeship in one of the most important industrial centres in south-eastern Poland. The park was built in Zawada, in Dębica municipality, as a build-to-suit project for Hutchinson – the leader of automotive industry in Europe. The usable area of the facility is 52,000 sqm.


  • Usable area of 52,000 sqm,
  • excellent location in relation to important communication hubs connecting Poland with Eastern Europe,
  • excellent communication with the cities of: Kraków, Rzeszów, Przemyśl, Lublin, Katowice,
  • standard of halls: class A,
  • arrangement allowing for maximum utilisation of storage space and optimisation of production process,
  • transfer centre built by the investor, enabling convenient communication by public transport.


  • Direct access to the ring road of Dębica
  • 2 minutes to A4 and E40 motorways
  • 2 minutes to DK94 (east-west: Korczowa- Zgorzelec)
  • 3 minutes to DW 985
  • 10 minutes to Dębica
  • 30 minutes to Rzeszów
  • 30 minutes to International Airport Rzeszów-Jasionka
  • 1 hour to Poland-Ukraine border crossing in Korczowa
  • 1 hour to International Airport Kraków-Balice

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