Valeo has moved into a project developed by DL Invest Group in Czechowice Dziedzice and has taken up a total of several thousand square meters of warehouse and office space. Valeo is a French company that produces car parts for the primary and secondary markets, and its customers include leading global automotive brands. DL Invest Group implements high-quality real estate projects tailored to the requirements of tenants, both in terms of the specificity of space and location. The company’s distinguishing feature is, among others, its investment policy, under which the company remains the owner of the built real estate and focuses on long-term cooperation with tenants. All commercial properties newly built by DL Invest Group are implemented in accordance with sustainable development rules and certified in the ecological BREEAM system.

DL Invest Group primarily focuses on high quality and focuses on long-term relationships with tenants. This allows us to implement projects closely tailored to the nature of our clients’ activities, and what’s more: it enables quick reactions to emerging needs” – says Wirginia Leszczyńska, COO at DL Invest Group responsible for the company’s development on the warehouse and logistics markets. ?The trust placed in us by Valeo, an entity with an established, high reputation in the automotive sector on international markets, choosing to cooperate with us is for us the best confirmation of the quality of the real estate provided. We deliver high quality, among others, thanks to the extensive internal structures of the company, which enable the implementation of construction projects from scratch to their commissioning. We also manage projects internally, and the leasing departments operating in our company proactively listen to the voice of tenants, proposing optimal solutions. This means that we generate the greatest possible value for tenants by optimizing real estate costs for them? – notes Wirginia Leszczyńska.

The DL Invest Group company is also actively expanding its land bank, thanks to which it can offer clients the construction of a profiled property in the desired location and on time. ?It is crucial to provide a warehouse or production space in a precisely defined area, which enables our partners to efficiently and optimally manage their supply chains, which in turn has a significant impact on costs and profitability achieved by them? – emphasizes Wirginia Leszczyńska.