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DL VINTAGE POST is an integral part of Gliwice’s Old Town. Consisting of two historic buildings: the former Main Post Office and the former Grain Exchange, the complex is located at the intersection of Dolnych Wałów and Zwycięstwa streets, which are the main arteries communicating the city centre. The location provides a convenient connection with the exit to DTŚ (central highway) and A1 motorway. In the immediate vicinity there are numerous retail and service outlets and public car parks. Within walking distance there are seats of local authorities, cultural institutions and faculties of the Silesian University of Technology. The building is surrounded by housing estates, the City Hospital, the City Park and the Market Square.

At present, the premises of the former Main Post Office house offices and space intended for catering and service activities. In the former Grain Exchange, restaurants unique in the region were established, which changed the gastronomic map not only of Gliwice, but also of the entire region.

  • Usable area of the former Main Post Office: 8,000 sqm.
  • Usable area of the former Grain Exchange: 800 sqm.

History of the Main Post Office:

The decision to build a post office in Gliwice was taken in the late 19th century. Construction began in 1904 and was completed on 6 July 1906, when the building was formally commissioned. The history of the project is beautifully described by the website Zabytek.pl, which is a project cataloguing Polish historic properties:

[…] From the beginning, the building was distinguished by its architecture. It was built in the historicist style with a dominance of neo-Gothic elements. What is more, the stylistic features of the building are to the greatest extent a reference to the medieval variant of the Gothic style called “flamboyant”, which was popularized in the 14th century thanks to the activity of the architectonic workshop of Henryk Brunsberg in West Pomerania and Brandenburg. The Gliwice post office developed very quickly and introduced innovations to its services. Already in 1907, a telegraph office appeared in the building. In 1910, a machine for issuing stamps was installed. A significant innovation was the introduction of airmail in 1925. Around 1927, the building was extended with a rear wing and partly reconstructed, among others with the introduction of stairs in the tower. After 1945, the building was owned by the Polish Post Office* until 2016, when it was purchased by DL Invest Group, which bought it to renovate it and bring this previously receding property back to Gliwice […].

* https://zabytek.pl/pl/obiekty/gliwice-gmach-poczty-glownej

As part of the restoration of the monument, new functions have also been introduced into the building to enliven the space and give it a new dimension, which included:
  • reconstruction and repurposing the ground floor of the building and introduction of new facilities: a gym and a part intended for catering,
  • renovation of all rooms to adapt them to the requirements of modern users of office space, which also included putting the functional layout in order and reconstruction of the corridor layout,
  • replacement of building installations, including electrical, ventilation and installation of new installations, including air-conditioning,
  • renovation of the historic façade of the building, restoration of historic floors, doors, granite staircases of the main entrance and polychrome staircases.

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