The method of storing pharmaceutical products, the appropriate division of warehouse zones, and securing the supply chain – are just a few of the key elements that should be taken into account when preparing warehouse space for a pharmaceutical company. C&W experts, having the opportunity to support a leading player in such a process, advise how to properly meet the challenge.

Continuous development is noticeable in the field of pharmaceutical logistics. ?According to Grand View Research, the size of the global pharmaceutical logistics market in 2021 was USD 78.5 billion. It is also forecast that in the years 2022-2030, the annual growth of this sector will remain at the level of 8.6%, to amount to USD 163.9 billion at the end of 2030? – Tomasz Bulej, Senior Negotiator, Industrial & Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield. It is extremely important in this industry to maintain the continuity of the supply chain, as well as to ensure a properly prepared facility for storing drug stocks.

Pharmaceutical warehouse – what requirements must it meet?

To ensure the safety of pharmaceutical products, it is necessary to guarantee the highest standards in storage facilities and introduce additional improvements. Therefore, it may be beneficial to choose a multi-let facility, the construction of which is just beginning and it is possible to make adaptations at the design stage.

Requirements to be met include: specific division of the surface. A warehouse intended for pharmaceutical purposes must be properly divided into different zones – receipts, releases, laboratory spaces, clean rooms, factories, and storage areas. An extremely important role is also played by the temperature, which should be between +15°C and +25°C. It can be obtained by means of precision air conditioning – adapted to the arrangement of racks and the processes of the ventilation duct network.

?It is now essential that supply chains are secured and that manufacturers choose to produce drugs as close to the end user as possible. The ever-growing demand and expectations of patients regarding the fastest possible delivery mean that more and more facilities will be built tailored to the activities of the pharmaceutical industry? – comments Tomasz Bulej.

Dr. Max in a warehouse in Mazovia

One of the recent tasks of Cushman & Wakefield experts was advising on the project of a pharmaceutical warehouse for the international network of franchise pharmacies Dr. max. They were responsible for providing opinions on power sources, adapting outdoor areas to handle various types of transport, appropriate protection of walls or adapting the fire installation and temperature control in a pharmaceutical warehouse. An area of over 14,000 sq. sqm is located in Teresin and is part of the DL Invest Park Teresin complex. The facility is scheduled to be commissioned at the turn of the second quarter of 2023.

?Consulting in the field of pharmaceutical logistics proves the interdisciplinary approach characterized by Cushman & Wakefield experts. Reconciling the technical specification and legal regulations in the field of the Pharmaceutical Inspection was a unique challenge, which – thanks to the experience in conducting various transactions – was handled exemplary. The warehouse, located in the DL Invest Park complex in Teresin, has been adapted to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and equipped with modern technical solutions. We believe that they will respond to the needs of the Dr. Max? ? adds Renata Krzyżanowska, Associate, Industrial & Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield.

DL Invest Park Teresin is an investment carried out by a Polish developer and investor, DL Invest Group, which specializes, among others, in providing the market with warehouse and industrial space adapted to the requirements of tenants. DL Invest Group implements both large-scale warehouse projects and smaller logistics facilities, the so-called last mile by cooperating, among others, with the leaders of the logistics market.

?Dr Max has leased approximately 14,400 sqm. in the second stage of the project, which involves the construction of a hall with a total area of over 28,000 sq m. In the first stage of DL Invest Park Teresin, a central warehouse for the Stokrotka chain with an area of 34,000 sqm was built. The total development potential in this location is approximately 100,000 sq m.? ? says Wirginia Leszczyńska, COO of DL Invest Group. ?Our company is distinguished, among others, by its investment strategy. Almost all our locations guarantee our tenants the possibility of expansion. While securing the area, we always make every effort to be able to provide additional space built strictly according to their guidelines as the needs of our tenants develop. In addition, in accordance with our strategy, all properties developed by DL Invest Group remain in our portfolio, and this is a guarantee of the highest quality of real estate and service for the companies cooperating with us. We focus on long-term relationships with our tenants, so the satisfaction of tenants and a proactive approach to maintaining the highest quality of real estate delivered are our priorities? – sums up Wirginia Leszczyńska.