DL Invest Group is one of the most dynamically developing Polish investment and development companies that develops high-quality commercial real estate in the office, retail and warehouse sectors, and then actively manages them as part of its own real estate portfolio worth over PLN 2.2 billion. The quality of the projects is confirmed, among others, by high real estate ratings in international certification systems, the constantly maintained high level of lease in the company's properties amounting to approximately 97% of the leasable area, cooperation with recognized international tenants who are leaders in their industries and international financial institutions, which in 2022 will provided capital for further development of DL Invest Group, including leading institutions on financial markets such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or Macquarie Capital, which in 2022 alone allocated financing worth over EUR 150 million, including for the implementation of further projects DL Invest Group.



??The year 2022 was a unique and extremely intense period for us. Dynamically changing market conditions combined with extraordinary events such as perturbations in post-pandemic economies and armed conflict beyond our eastern borders have caused significant changes for the market and entities operating on the real estate market. Also, the experience of the pandemic resulted in the reorganization of many companies that are our clients and partners. As a result of global turmoil, many companies are changing the structure of supply chains and creating new warehouse and office infrastructure in our part of Europe. Changes are also observed in the retail space sector, where retail parks are gaining an increasingly stronger

? says Dominik Leszczyński, CEO and Founder of DL Invest Group.

?The activities of our commercialization teams have resulted in many significant transactions in all market sectors in which our company operates. Such a good result is, on the one hand, the result of the proactive attitude of our commercialization teams, as well as the philosophy of our company’s operation based on a strategy consistently implemented for years. First of all, we operate in accordance with the “build and hold” strategy, which means that, as a rule, the properties we purchase and develop remain in our portfolio as our property, and thus, as the owner of the assets we own, we pay special attention to active management relations with tenants, meeting almost all their expectations, in order to create ideal conditions for the  development of their businesses. This approach is possible only and exclusively thanks to the internal structure of DL Invest Group, which has been developed for over 10 years, which, based on its own general contracting, design office or property management department, can meet the expectations of our tenants. This extremely demanding work is already paying off, as evidenced by the level of renting our assets. Thanks to the extensive structure, we offer the highest quality, but also quick response to the changing market environment and the needs of tenants. In addition, when planning our investments, we take into account the possibility of further expansion and development of further properties in a given location, which enables the expansion of the project along with the growth of tenants’ business, which is extremely important from the point of view of tenants’ development and the elimination of risks and costs related to relocations and, for example, loss of staff?

? emphasizes Dominik Leszczyński.

In 2022, DL Invest Group in the office sector commissioned one of the most spectacular office projects in Silesia – the DL Tower office building located at Korfantego 138, which delivered 17,000 sq m to the Silesian market. modern class A space. The building is almost fully leased, and PKP Cargo has occupied several floors in the new office building. DL Tower is another, next to the DL Atrium office building, stage of implementation of the multifunctional investment at Korfantego 138. Further buildings are being prepared in this location, which will include office space, as well as retail, service, catering and hotel space, which will be complementary to the needs of tenants and the needs of local communities. All new buildings of DL Invest Group are built in accordance with the idea of creating mixed-use campuses that provide the market of Polish cities with various functions. On the ground floors of office buildings, next to shops such as drugstores, there are also bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, home equipment stores or kindergartens and other service outlets. The year 2022 also brought the debut of DL Invest Group on the Warsaw and Wrocław markets. The company bought, among others, a beautiful building in Wrocław, i.e. the Nadodrze Railway Station and a functioning and rented IRIS office building located in one of the fastest growing districts of the capital – Służewiec Przemysłowy. Work on ongoing projects was also continued: the DL Prime office building in Gliwice will soon be ready for use and will provide 16,000 square meters of modern space to the Gliwice market. The company is also preparing to implement the next stages of office projects in Gliwice and Katowice, including the extension of the DL Piano complex, as well as the implementation of further investments at Korfantego 138. Office buildings will also be built in Wrocław. At the same time, as a result of evolving market conditions, the company introduced a program of modernization of existing properties in order to adapt them to current market requirements, both in terms of cost and utility. The program of replacement of installations and renovation of common areas covered, among others, the office buildings DL Jagiellońska in Częstochowa and DL Central and DL Atrium in Katowice.



?To meet the needs of tenants and the new reality, after companies return to their offices, we are also developing our concept of serviced offices – DL Space. In each of our new office buildings, we allocate at least several hundred meters of space for office space, a fully finished and equipped space available on flexible terms for both small companies and large entities that need to temporarily increase their space,? says Dominik Leszczyński. ?DL Space also has conference rooms available to our tenants as well as other interested companies or individuals. The year 2022 also brought the launch of our internal communication platform for tenants – DL Welcome. It is a tool that integrates our tenants and is designed to create an internal communication platform on which tenants can, among other things, exchange information on the services or goods they provide.?

? emphasizes Dominik Leszczyński.



The past twelve months have also seen the dynamic development of DL Invest Group in the warehouse sector. The company commissioned warehouse space located in the last mile warehouses between Kluczbork, Legnica, Płock and Elbląg for InPost. It has fully commercialized the DL Invest Park Czechowice project by leasing space to Valeo and Ammega Poland. It has started the implementation of a project in Sędziszów Małopolski for SaarGummi, a global supplier of parts for the automotive industry. She prepared space for Dr Max in the DL Invest Park Teresin investment near Warsaw and is preparing further warehouse projects, among others, for the Stokrotka chain, which is already renting space in DL Invest Group investments: in DL Invest Park Psary and in DL Invest Park Teresin, where the chain has its warehouse central with an area of over 34,000 sq m.

In 2022, the company also worked on expanding its retail property portfolio. The existing retail park in Knurów has been extended by 3,500 sqm. of leasable space. New tenants have moved into the park, including the opening of a Kaufland chain store. DL Invest Group currently has 12 retail parks with a total leasable area of over 42,000 sq m. In 2023, a retail park located in Mikołów with a leasable area of approximately 8,000 sq m will join the portfolio of DL Invest Group. Almost all the space in the new retail park has already been leased.

?In 2022, we also implemented a number of initiatives related to sustainable development. Among other things, we have adopted the Green Finance Framework and ESG policies, which have been positively reviewed by Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG analysis. The procedures and policies introduced by DL Invest Group related to green construction, the use of energy from renewable sources in the energy mix, energy efficiency of buildings, water circulation management and ecological transport were assessed. The implementation of these procedures is an important step in the context of launching financing in the form of green bonds and loans based on ecological parameters of investments. In the coming months, we intend to launch further projects in all market sectors in which we operate, and we are also considering our debut in another sector of the commercial real estate market – the hotel sector?

? announces Dominik Leszczyński.