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Zgorzelec, with a population of 30,374, is a border town in the Lower Silesian Province. It lies at the border between Poland and Germany (Görlitz, with 56 000 inhabitants, is 4 km away) and 12 km from the border with the Czech Republic.
In DL City, retail and service outlets have opened such as: H&M, Sinsay, Multikino, Media Expert, Martes Sport, Rossmann.


DL City, a shopping centre located at 52A Armii Krajowej Street in the border town of Zgorzelec, is a convenient shopping point for residents of the city and the German town of Görlitz just across the river. Both urban centres are inhabited by nearly 90,000 people, and due to its unique location in the tri-border region, the actual reach of DL City is much greater. DL City’s attractiveness is further enhanced by the fact that it is the only facility in the region with a multiplex cinema, Multikino. Size of the shopping centre:  12,625 sqm (GLA)

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