The largest Logistic Park in the region „DL Invest Park Psary/Czeladź” with an area of 900.000 m with the possibility of 2 implementing over 320.000 m GLA ( useable area), located directly next to the national road DK86 Katowice – Warsaw – Katowice, with the direct commnication through collision-free junction with national road DK86.


the fastest developing region in Poland;

the most important industrial region, located in the southern part of Poland;

excellent connections with the transeuropean transport network;

the main transeuropean routes cross connecting Eastern Europe with Western Europe through the corridor III: Berlin-Wrocław-Katowice- Krakow-Lvov as well as the corridor VI: Gdańsk-Katowice-Żylina;

eight European capital cities within 600 km from Katowice: Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Kiev, Minsk, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin;

1st in terms of the population number;

the highest population density in Poland (382 people/km2 versus 122 people/km2 in Poland and 116 people/km2 in the EU): relatively small 2 area, covering 12,331 km , i.e. 3,9% of Poland’s territory;

4,714,982 inhabitants;

the municipal agglomerations: the Upper-Silesian – of the European significance;

the Upper-Silesian Agglomeration makes the region specific: the complex of towns, spanning for 70 km from Dabrowa Górnicza to Gliwice, covering about 18% of the Voivodeship’s area (1,200 sq. km.) and inhabited by almost 60% of the region’s population;

the administration, schools of higher education, larger companies concentrated in large towns of the agglomeration, such as: Katowice, Sosnowiec, Bytom, Gliwice, Zabrze, Tychy and Chorzów.


DL Invest Park Psary has the direct access to the national road DK 86 Katowice - Warsaw providing easy access to all major routes connectin Silesia with other Polish regions:

- S1 connecting the property with the International Airport Katowice / Pyrzowice, cities such as Dąbrowa Górnicza, Tychy, Mysłowice and motorway A4;

- A4 connecting cities Katowice, Kraków, Wrocław i Opole and crossing routes S1, DK86;

- A1 provides a fast connection between the airport Katowice / Pyrzowice, Gliwice (Sośnica junction) and the southern boundary of Poland;

- DK913 as an alternative way for fast access to the International Airport Katowice / Pyrzowice

"DL Invest Park Psary/Czeladź"


Psary/Czeladź, silesia region, next to the motorway DK86 Katowice – Warsaw
Site area:
900.000 m2
Leaseable area:
700.000 m2
Use of property:
logistic and manufacturing center
Collision free junction on the motorway DK86 Katowice – Warszawa
Municipality Psary

DL Invest Park Psary / Czeladz is fully prepared for the implementation of the investment, of course, a local Masterplan and building permit for construction of the storage facilities with the possibility of increasing the usable area of the designed facility and designing next facilities up to total surface area ca. 320.000 m².

DL Invest Park Psary/ Czeladź has all the necessary utilities that are brought into the plot with the parameters meeting requirements for this investment.

DL Invest Park Psary / Czeladź guarantees excellent road infrastructure in particular through collision free junction which provides direct communication with the national road DK86 Katowice - Warsaw with full relation in all directions communicating the investment with all the most important motorway junctions A4, A1, S1 within the availability of 10 minutes covering all the major cities of Silesia.


the best developed road infrastructure in Poland,

4 out of 10 set out transport transeuropean network corridors run through Poland, two of which go through the Śląskie Voivodeship:

corridor III – Berlin – Wrocław – Katowice – Krakow – Lvov

corridor VI – Gdańsk – Katowice – Żylina

the Śląskie Voivodeship has important railway routes, heading northsouth and east-west, of which the three main railway lines are a part of the international „E” (AGC) network:

E30 Dresden – Zgorzelec – Wrocław – Katowice – Krakow – Medyka – Lvov – Kiev – Moscow

E59 Malmö – Ystad – Świnoujście – Zielona Góra – Wrocław Racibórz – Chałupki

E65 Gdynia – Warsaw – Katowice – Zebrzydowice – Ostrava – Vienna

The municipal transport network in the Śląskie Voivodeship is the most developed in Poland, which is evidenced by, among others, over 20- percent share in the length of all the transport lines in Poland. There are 363 km of the tram tracks.

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